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Chicago Airbrush Tattoos

Pricing and Packages

A one hour Airbrush Tattoo Party is $200.

Two hours is $250.

Each additional hour is $125.

Discounts are available for events longer than 4 hours.

Batman Airbrush Tattoo

Batman Airbrush Tattoo

Tattoo Removal

Our tattoos last for several days providing you aren't scrubbing or rubbing them.

However, to remove them sooner, some baby oil or rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

DO NOT scrub with soap and water; it won't work, and you'll just irritate the skin.

Cutsom Tribal Sleeve Airbrush Tattoo

Custom Tribal Sleeve Airbrush Tattoo

How it Works

Our party setup generally takes about 15 minutes.

We use a menu with tons of choices for your guests, unless we are asked to limit the choices.

Because Airbrush is so fast, there's no need for a long line (normally) which lets your guess enjoy other things going on at your event.

Heart Eye Emoji Airbrush Tattoo

Emoji's are ALWAYS Popular!

Our Products

We use a ZeroG setup which is perfect for stencil work and are fast to set up and pack up afterward.

We only use high quality temporary tattoo inks that are safe for the skin and last several days.

Most of our stencils are designed and cut "in-house" so you know you're getting an original set of designs.

Spiderman Airbrush Tattoo

Spider-man Airbrush Tattoo

Don't Forget Electricity!

We don't need a lot from our clients; but we do need access to an electrical outlet.

We always have a 25 foot extension cord, but we MUST HAVE POWER to run the air compressor.

PLEASE Remember to leave room to have your artist near an outlet.

Poop Emoji Airbrush Tattoo

Poop Emoji Airbrush Tattoo


If you have any other questions please let us know. We happily answer all emails.

If you would like to talk, you'll find our phone number on the contact page.

Diamond Airbrush Tattoo

Diamond Airbrush Tattoo